I’m Hannah, a lover of all things photography.

I use photography to understand the world around me, while also using it to understand more about myself. One of the things I love most about taking photos is how you can use the camera to capture raw emotion in moments. To create time stamps of memories throughout your life, that you can always look back on and be reminded of. I like the way I can capture the beauty in the world through the lens, but also more importantly how I can alter the world around me to create new perspectives, to create art.

I have always used Art as a means to express myself and to understand my emotions.  

When I'm not taking professional portraits of people, I am travelling and travelling has always put life into perspective for me. I feel I have used the perspectives I have learnt to relate to all kinds of people.

I love to binge watch ‘Friends’ and I really enjoy disappearing into music, singing out loud most of the time quite terribly. The beach is the one other place you will find me.

But all in all, I love having a camera in my hand and bringing out the best in people and sharing it's gifts to show people a side of themselves they have always wanted to see, or didn't think existed.